Martin Behrens


About Me

Martin Behrens has a background in political and environmental science. He worked as European consultant and chief administrative officer for a political party at municipal level. Mr Behrens has experience in local government, sustainable urban development and environmental studies.

Currently he is working as Senior Advisor and Vice-Department Head at the Agency for Renewable Resources (, which is a funding agency under the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Germany. He is in charge of EU networking activities within FNR’s Department for EU and International Affairs. 

In this capacity he is one of the co-chairs of the SCAR Bioeconomy Working Group, member of the SCAR Forest WG and Co-Chair of the TWG Buildings within the woodPoP initiative. Martin is also responsible for the development of EU-Projects, specialised in multi-stakeholder activities focusing on bio-based products. He is currently involved in the EU projects EUFORE and MoniFun and member of the advisory boards of the GenB and CEE2ACT project.