woodPoP High Level Meeting boosts the dialogue on the renewable resource wood

Second High Level Meeting of the European Wood Policy Platform (woodPoP), 4 October, Helsinki

On 4 October 2023 80 high level experts from 19 countries, the European Commission as well as representatives from 22 international, regional and stakeholder organisations including academia and industry met upon invitation of the Finnish Minister of Environment Mai Mykkänen in Helsinki, Finland. Participants discussed priorities and next steps of the platform in order to foster the sustainable use of wood.

woodPoP creates new inputs for the sustainable and innovative usage of wood

The platform was launched upon a joint Austrian-Finnish initiative in the framework of the Wood Initiative of the Austrian Forest Fund in Innsbruck in December 2022.

woodPoP brings together all relevant actors to advance the sustainable use of wood. This cross-sectorial initiative facilitates and improves cooperation among decision makers by connecting policy experts, as well as stakeholder groups, technical experts, including practitioners and scientists. It integrates best-practices from European and national wood-related initiatives and actions also taking into account global perspectives.

As noted by Mr. Norbert Totschnig, Austrian Minister for Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water management, the European Wood Policy Platform provides ‘an unique opportunity to exchange, elaborate, multiply and further develop wood-related policies.’

working to mitigate climate change is our common responsibility and therefore platforms and collaborations like these are of utmost importance - Finnish Minister for Environment Mr. Kai Mykkänen

woodPoP creates new momentum for the sustainable and innovative use of wood

The Second High Level Meeting marked the starting point for the platform to develop policy solutions, measures and recommendations to strengthen the wood-based circular bioeconomy.

Five Technical Working Groups are now fully operational: Governance led by Austria, Buildings co-led by Finland and Germany, Research and Innovation led by Switzerland, Education and Vocational Training led by Slovenia as well as Communication and Information led by the Czech Republic.

Guidelines have been developed over the last months to provide a clear and transparent working environment for the platform.